Signature Dishes


All dishes come with choices of rice

Gang Lueng (C, D) •••


Jumbo prawns cooked in yellow curry and coconut milk southern style served with spaghetti.

Mussaman Nue (GF, N)


Tender chunk of braised beef in southern style thick curry sauce with sweet potatoes, onion and cucumber pickle. Served with choice of rice.

Nam Makahm


Lightly battered jumbo prawns topped with spicy garlic and tamarind sauce, served with crispy noodles and choice of rice.

Moo Grop Gratiem (S)


Crispy pork belly topped with garlic and soy sauce, garnished with crispy garlic and corianders. Served with choice of rice.

Hung Lay (N) ••


Slow cooked pork belly in Chiang Mai style curry with Julienne ginger, peanuts and grilled pineapple served with choice of rice.

Chu Chee (GF)•••••


Slow cooked Beef in thick curry sauce. Served with choice of rice.